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During times of stress our body’s ability to process EFA’s can become compromised. A blockage can occur between the conversion of the primary to secondary fats, meaning the body cannot produce the full family of fats needed for health. Bestow Beauty Plus Oil helps to skirt around this blockage by providing both the primary and secondary fats in the Omega 6 & 3 families.
There are never blockages beyond the second link in the chain, so by supplying the secondary fat the body can process all of the fats in the family. Bestow Beauty Plus Oil retrains the body to process fats efficiently again.

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil | Ingredients
Cold-pressed flaxseed, safflower, hemp, coconut, evening primrose and blackcurrant seed oils.
These oils supply primary and secondary fats from the Omega 3 and 6 families of fats.

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil

  • Just one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil a day is all you need, eaten raw and mixed with food for easy absorption. Bestow Oil can be added to yoghurt, smoothies and cereals. It can be used to replace other oils in salad dressing and pesto sauces. See here for some inspiration.


    For best results, store your Bestow Oil in the fridge and never use for cooking or adding to piping hot food.