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Tested and proven to eliminate viruses including Influenza and SARS.


SpraySafe is a gamechanger. Non-toxic, alcohol-free and made from fresh New Zealand water and naturally occurring hypochlorous acid, the result is a powerful, eco-friendly antibacterial sanitiser that is 100% toxic free and tackles 99.9% of germs within seconds. You may think "acid, what?!" but acid is a state, not a chemical and SpraySafe's safe special formula has very mild levels of Hypochlorous acid. Less than a swimming pool, even less than the New Zealand drinking water standards allow. When released the Hypochlorous acid water (HOCl) oxidises and quickly combines with the organic compounds it comes into contact with, such as bacteria and viruses, and has the ability to penetrate the cell membrane and destroy the nucleus and DNA inside.


It is 100% safe, 100% alcohol-free and is used as a sanitiser and deodoriser in hospitals all over the world. SpraySafe in made here in New Zealand! Keep your family safe from germs and bad smells.


SpraySafe is tested by Eurofins and approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

SpraySafe Sanitiser

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  • Spray generously onto skin, surface or in the air. Do not dilute.