What are Skin Peels?

When you say skin peel to some people it conjures up visions off weeks in hiding while your face sheds in a hideous fashion! Fear not, to administer those types of peels I would need a few extra letters before and after my name. Light peels are generally very gentle and most have no down time at all.

Light peels are made from chemical and natural ingredients such as fruit enzymes, glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid. ACID you say! Again I see people's eyes widen when I say this. Yes, if you left high percentages of acid on the skin for a very long time it would not be great. Although some neutralise by themselves after some time. Light peels are given in controlled percentages, for time limits that are suitable to the individual client. Many of these types of acids are found in nature; think sugarcane and milk, and have been used safely for years. Wasn’t it Cleopatra who bathed in milk?

All peels work a bit differently (depending on the ingredients) but for the most part they are designed to dissolve the glue bonds between dead skin cells so they can easily slough away. As we age this natural sloughing process slows down considerably. And if you have excess oil production, dead skin cells get clogged up on the skin and don’t naturally slough off. Dead skin build up increases the visibility of lines and wrinkles, makes the skin look dull and contributes to blocked pores, blackheads & acne. Sometimes we need to give nature a little helping hand. In addition peels can improve hydration, pigmentation and sun damage, and the penetration of any products you use afterwards.

What does a Peel Facial feel like?

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to ensure there are no oils or makeup on the skin that may inhibit the peels action. The peel will them be applied evenly over the face, generally starting in the T-zone first and working out. It will tingle! And you might even feel like you want to itch a bit. But this all depends on your skin, some are more sensitive than others. I will often apply a fan to the face to ease any itchiness. And then before you know it the peel will be neutralised and removed, then a serum and moisturiser applied. Oh and SPF!! This is a must.

NOTE: You must be prepared to wear SPF religiously if you decide to have peels (especially in summer). I can not stress enough the importance of protecting your skin after deep exfoliation treatments. I would not even consider giving a client these types of treatments if they continue to worship the sun gods!!