What is Sonophoresis Infusion?

The main function of the skin is to act as a barrier. Keep the bad stuff out and keep the good stuff in. Sometimes eating the right nutrients is just not enough, as often the skin is the last organ to receive the benefits and the first to show any sign of imbalance. And then there are the hormones that can cause havoc on the skin no matter how “good” you’ve been (well that is a whole other essay!). Sometimes we need to supplement the skin from the outside in.

But if the skin is a barrier how do we get these supplements into those deeper layers so they can do their work - well that is where Sonophoresis Infusion comes in!

Sonophoresis uses sound waves (ultrasound) to penetrate treatment serums into the deeper layers of the skin where they can be most beneficial. It is non-intrusive and safe for almost anyone. Basically it creates a temporary break in the skin's lipid bi-layers allowing active nutrients to fill little pockets between the skin cells. The sound waves then move the active nutrients down into the deeper skin layers. Sonophoresis can increase the skin's permeability by up to 800%. Magic!!

Why should I have sonophoresis?

Sonophoresis is a great compliment to any facial treatment and can be tailor made to combat any skin concern depending of the active serums that are used with it. In a nutshell, sonophoresis will greatly increase the therapeutic benefits of whichever serum is used. This could be for concerns such as aging, pigmentation, acne or redness.

What does the treatment feel like?

A smooth metal wand is used to administer sonophoresis to the skin. There is a slight humming sound and sometimes a gentle vibrating sensation. The wand actually feels like a therapeutic facial massage as it is slowly moved over all of the face and neck. Particular focus is taken on the areas of concern such as around the eyes mouth & mouth, forehead or breakouts. The skin can flush slightly from the treatment but settles usually within an hour.

If you would like to have a sonophoresis treatment it is available in our ultimate SUPER TRIO FACIAL and DYNAMIC DUO FACIALS, also all the NUTRA-ESSENCE "SERIOUS SKIN FOOD" FACIALS.