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Bestow Collagen Boost powder slows down the visible signs of skin ageing. It boosts skin elasticity, plumps out wrinkles and promotes younger looking skin.Collagen powder gives your skin a head-start on collagen production. The body builds collagen to keep skin plump and supple. The building blocks for making collagen come from your diet. Most people don’t get enough of the nutrients they need to make collagen. This powder boosts your supply of collagen building blocks in a form that is easily used by the skin.Your skin can’t make collagen without zinc. Most people in New Zealand are zinc deficient. Bestow Collagen Boost contains 6gms of zinc per serving, which provides 80% of your RDI.Vitamin C is vital. Your skin needs it to make strong collagen. This powder provides more than double your minimum daily requirement of vitamin C.Bonus!  Bestow Collagen Boost will promote healthy hair and stronger nails. For Best Results Take one tablespoon of Bestow Collagen Boost powder daily. You can mix it into water or add it to smoothies.Contains 30 ServingsIngredients:Bestow Collagen Boost powder is a concentrated, collagen dietary supplement.Each 7g serve contains:Hydrolysed collagen peptides 5gmsVitamin C 250 mgZinc 6mgRaspberry juice powder 1724mgMonk-fruitAlso contains: Tapioca maltodextrin

Bestow Collagen Boost

  • Just one Tablespoon of Bestow Collagen Boost a day is all you need. Mix into water, smooties or add to food. 

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