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Advanced & Holistic Facials

Facial Course Deal

Because we love it when you are committed to your skin health we will reward you with a 15% discount whenever you prepay any combination of 6 or more advanced or holistic facials, and have them within 12 months. Contact us for more details or book a consultation to determine the best course of facials to reach your skin health goals.

Super Trio Facial

Our ULTIMATE facial with 3 advanced modalities in 1 facial.

Microdermabrasion/Peel, followed by LED Light Therapy and then a sonophoresis infusion which pushes active serums deep into the skin. Great for all skin concerns.

You will walk away glowing!

75 mins ~ $130

Kansa Wand
Massage Facial

Take your traditional relaxation facial to the next level with a Kansa Wand massage.

This ancient Ayurvedic technique draws acidity out from the skin and works energy points all over the face and scalp. Feel completely relaxed, revitalised and rebalanced.

Your skin and your soul will be glowing!

1 hour ~ $85

Nutra-Essence Facials

Nutra-Essence Facials are a synergy of nature and science in a relaxing but dramatic infusion facial.

Illuminating C Facial for aging or pigmentation.

Soothe & Hydrate Facial for sensitivity, rosacea, hydration.

Clarifying Earth Facial for congestion/acne (extractions opt.)

Express Facial can be tailor made to your needs.

40 - 70 mins ~ $60 - $95

Facial Peel

We have facial peels to suit all skin types. Peels provide the skin with an effective exfoliation to get that

gorgeous glow and refreshed look.

Great for hydration, acne, congestion, aging concerns and pigmentation.  Courses of peels are recommended to really ramp up the results.

30 mins ~ $50

Add-on to Facial for $30

Duo Facial Treatment

Get targeted results with 2 advanced modalities in 1 facial.

Choose from Microdermabrasion/Peel, LED Light Therapy or sonophoresis infusion. Beat congestion, target pigmentation or simply enjoy plump radiant skin. The choice is yours or contact us to advise the best combination for you.

50 - 60 mins ~ $95

Rose Quartz

Roller Facial

Rose Quartz the crystal of self-compassion and love.

This deeply relaxing facial uses the rose quartz roller and chinese Gua Sha to give you an "eastern facelift" while opening your heart chakra.

This facial can include a guided meditation at request.

The ultimate in "ME" time.

1 hour ~ $85

Microdermabrasion Express

Short on time but want that glow! Microdermabrasion is excellent for thickened sun-damaged or congested skin.

A diamond-chip wand with vacuum suction will whisk away dead skin cells and smooth texture in one treatment. Courses will improve pigmentation, aging and congestion 

30 mins ~ $60

Add-on to Facial for $30

LED Light Therapy Facial

LED Light Therapy is a deeply therapeutic non-invasive treatment for aging, acne, rosacea and redness. It uses different colours of light applied in different wavelengths to wake up the skin's natural responses to rebuild and repair. No UV involved and very relaxing. Most people feel like they have been on a mini holiday afterwards.

40 mins ~ $70

Add-on to Facial for $40